Tricia Davis on the issues

Preserve small-town

rural character

Tricia Davis is running for City Council to preserve our small town rural character and maintain the community spirit that has made Battle Ground famous. She believes the City must do a better job at managing growth, so that costs for roads and water/sewer infrastructure do not add more tax burden on residents who continue to struggle in a challenging economy.

Vision for a brighter future

We need a strong leader like Tricia Davis to lead the charge and craft a well-defined vision that aligns with the desires of Battle Ground residents. Tricia will provide thoughtful leadership for a vibrant future so that our city is well positioned for future growth, instead of being under-prepared for it. Tricia supports quality parks and hiking trails so Battle Ground remains a welcoming City to families.


and common sense

Tricia Davis will bring a fresh perspective to Battle Ground City Hall and serve with honor and integrity. As a mother, wife and community volunteer no one will work harder for the citizens than Tricia! Too often, people get elected to office and then forget about the citizens they are supposed to be serving. Tricia is one of us and she’ll never forget that she works for the citizens, not special interests!

Manage growth

to preserve quality of life

Rapid, unbridled growth has had a detrimental effect on our community.  Traffic congestion is getting worse. Tricia Davis believes the City must be more intentional about where and when new development occurs. We must ensure that water and sewer infrastructure is in place and that transportation corridor improvements stay ahead of new growth that is coming.

Careful budgeting;

hold the line on new taxes

One of Tricia’s core beliefs is that government must live within its means, just like the rest of us do in our homes and businesses. Gas prices are soaring; the cost of groceries is going up. Many families are still struggling from the effects of the unconstitutional government shut-downs put into place during Covid-19. Some residents are being taxed out of their homes. That’s not right. Tricia will hold the line on new taxes and prioritize spending to save hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Attract more living

wage jobs to our region

Residential housing is important but the City must refocus efforts on attracting more business and industries to Battle Ground so our citizens can work where the live. Fewer commuters will reduce wear and tear on our highways and allow our working families to spend more time right here in our community. Tricia believes that quality of life starts with a good job. She will support new economic development opportunities that bring more living wage jobs to Battle Ground.

Fund public safety

to keep our community safe

Voters can count on Tricia to fully fund law enforcement and emergency services to keep our citizens safe. As a wife, mother and community volunteer, Tricia understands the importance of keeping our neighborhoods safe and secure. Battle Ground must continue to identify and prosecute criminals operating in our neighborhoods. Having enough law enforcement officers on our streets, with the training they need, will remain a top priority for Tricia.

Tricia can be reached at (360) 360-9983 or email